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Say Goodbye to unwanted hair with our waxing services.  We use world re-known depileve waxes that are made for sensitive skin to prevent allergies. 

  • Under Arm   $20
  • Half Arm      $25
  • Full Arm       $35
  • Half Leg       $35
  • Full Leg        $55

Proasis Waxing
↑ Intimate Waxing

Proasis Strip Waxing
↑ Strip Waxing

into EXTRAordinary . . . . . .



Ear Candles are excellent in the treatment of sinusitis, headaches, T.M.J. pain, otitis externa (swimmer’s ears), tropical ear, tinnitus, and many stress related symptoms.

Ear candling when combined with head massage will help you to relax further and is a great way to detoxify.  

Call us now to try this treatment @ $38 only (duration 40 min)       





Face Threading is a traditional technique to remove unwanted hair on your skin as it exfoliates.  It is a popular service at our salon especially on the face and eyebrow.  Your face feels firmer and smoother after threading.  It is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles if done at least once a month on a regular basis.  There are no side effects at all and is highly recommended to all.

Our Threading Price List:




To achieve full and sexy lips, try our lip enhancement tattoo.  It is especially recommended for clients with naturally darker lips.  We will first correct your shape and do a natural outline of your lips before adding your favorite lip color.  The whole session will take about 90 min.  No worries!!!  It is painless!! 


Are you bothered with moles on your face and body?  If you are, visit us to get it removed instantly.  Our price starts from $5 depending on the size and type.  It is fast and painless.  


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